Pediatric Acupuncture by Naomi Brebes, L.Ac.

Pediatric Acupuncture

What is Pediatric Acupuncture?

Pediatric acupuncture is safe, natural, and a gentle way to address many childhood ailments.  Pediatric acupuncture is tailored to fit the needs of children ages 1 month into the teen years. A skilled licensed acupuncturist will use a combination of treatment methods to best address the child’s symptoms. Each visit is customized for each individual. It is a holistic approach to support your children’s health.

What can you treat with pediatric acupuncture?

Acupuncture provides great support of many acute and chronic ailments. It can assist with behavioral, emotions, as well as physical conditions. Treatments can help children to heal naturally without side effects. You can also use acupuncture for preventative measures. Well-visits are encouraged to address health issues, addressing deficiencies and underline disorders before they become a problem.

Common Conditions Treated:
Bed wetting
Digestion issues
Mental and Emotional issues
Sleep issues
Tummy aches
Immune system

What to expect during a pediatric acupuncture session:

Your practitioner will customize every treatment to fit the needs of your child.  An in depth consultation between the acupuncturist and parent will take place. This is where the acupuncturist will be looking at the child’s physical health, diet, environment and emotional well-being. After a physical examination, the practitioner will create a plan to give the best treatment possible to the child. A typical treatment will usually consist of multiple treatment methods. Treatments are never forced and the practitioner values the child’s role in the treatment. Usually acupuncture is not given on the first visit, due to the fear the child may have. The use of non-needle techniques is chosen in the beginning. The acupuncturist establishes trust with your child and will take treatments slowly if needed. Treatments are usually performed clothed or in a diaper, occasionally access to the back is necessary. Massage and other techniques are taught to the parents so they can perform them between office visits. Diet and herbal recommendations will be given and an open communication with your practitioner is always encouraged when necessary.

Treatment methods used:

Herbal Medicine- the use of herbs and supplements
Pediatric Acupuncture- the use of very fine, small needles inserted with an in and out technique (not left in)
Shonishin- (translation- little children needle) a Japanese treatment method that uses small tools to tap, rub, press, scratch, and stroke the surface of the skin to promote healing and balance.
Guasha- the use of a spoon or tool to scrape the surface of the skin
Tuina- form of Chinese massage techniques
Cupping- the use of small suction cups to move qi and blood and clear heat
Diet recommendations- food, sleep, and supplement suggestions will be given
Aromatherapy- the use of essential oils administered on the skin or diffused

How long are sessions and how many will the child need?

The initial session will last approximately one hour including consultation and the treatment portion. Follow up sessions are usually 30 minutes in duration. Depending on the condition, whether it is chronic or acute, the child will need to come in between 1-3 times a week until the symptoms are alleviated. As stated above, continued treatments are recommended on a preventative basis.

Regular acupuncture treatments will help to strengthen the parent-child relationship and can improve the spiritual, emotional, and physical development of the child.