Branches of Wellness Detox Group

Hello beautiful people!

We are very excited to do a group supported 21 day cleanse. Everyone is invited! We will start the cleanse on April 2 and finish on April 23rd. We are following the Standard Process Purification Program as well as using their free app you can download. If you are interested let us know asap and we will add you to our private group cleansing facebook page, send you the booklet full of good detox info, and a toxicity questionnaire. We are using these two products during the cleanse:

1. SP Complete Dairy Free
2. PuraCell (3 pills am, 3 pills pm)

The SP Complete is the whole food protein powder to make 2 shakes a day. One as a meal and one as a snack.
The PuraCell is a blend of minerals, herbs, enzymes and green food which help to cleanse the body from chemical pollutants and toxins.

SP Complete $65
PuraCell $45

If you need digestive support, we recommend a probiotic and digestive enzymes (our office has good quality options).
Fish oil can be added for an extra natural anti-inflammatory support.
Magnesium is always a good idea to support as we cleanse and especially if you have a tendency towards constipation.

On page 11 in the program guide, you will find the food pantry and what they recommend to eat. Basically it goes as follows:

Day 1-10
You are eating a vegetarian diet
1-2 servings of legumes or quinoa
4-7 servings of oils and fats
2 whole food protein shakes
All the fresh veggies you want
Utilize fresh herbs as well
Fruits in moderation, staying away from the high glycemic fruits if you are trying to lose weight or watching your blood sugar levels
Taking 3 PuraCell in the am and 3 PuraCell in the pm

Day 11-21
Eating the same as above
Adding in 2-4 servings of organic lean meat or fish. Preferably grass fed. Unless you are vegetarian you would increase your protein choices and we can discuss those options with you individually

If you are dependent on caffeine, start cutting back now and if needed you can have organic green tea during cleanse

Of course water is so important. Rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces
180lbs= 90 ounces of water

You will be journaling everyday, being mindful of how you are feeling, as well as checking in on the Facebook page. Standard Process Purification app is there to help you as well.

Things we recommend to increase detox benefits:
Acupuncture (1-2x during cleanse)
Dry brushing

We are offering $30 off an acupuncture visit to everyone who came to the event. We highly recommend acupuncture to support you through the process.

So what to do now?

Respond to this post and confirm if you would like to join and let us know when you would like to come pick up the products. We can meet at the office, just let us know what works for you.

Start reading over the program guide and fill out the questionnaire

Download the Standard Process Purification app

Join the facebook group. Or I will add you to it.

Use the shopping list and get ready to prepare for your cleanse. We will talk a lot about this on the facebook page.

We really look forward to this cleansing process and we are excited to do this together!

To health and longevity
Naomi Brebes and Jenny Dull

If you have any questions you can email them to us or call the office!