Fall Happenings!

Hello! We have a few things we want to share: 1.  We have a new newsletter that will go out each month. It is traditional Chinese medicine geared content with our office’s events and seasonal information. You are welcome to sign up (find newsletter link at the bottom of this post, titled “Newsletter Signup”) 2. . . .

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Yin Qiao San Autumn

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) teaches us to live in harmony with nature and to follow the flow of the seasons. The summer months are coming to an end, nature tells us to start preserving our energy, nourish ourselves with our bountiful harvest foods, go to bed earlier, sleep and get the rest we need to . . .

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Monday Happy Hour Acupuncture!

We are starting something new!  MONDAY HAPPY HOUR ACUPUNCTURE MONDAYS FROM 5:00-6:00PM STARTING JULY 15, 2019 This is an opportunity for you to receive acupuncture in a community casual setting, chair acupuncture style. Please arrive as close to 5:00 as you can and Naomi Brebes L.Ac. will treat you in the order you arrive.   No . . .

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Brain Body Diet Connection

“If you or someone you care about has brain fog and/or memory loss, please see these recommendations to start the process of healing your gut/brain connection to prevent these symptoms from getting worse.  Jenny has summarized components taken from the book Brain Body Diet by Dr. Gottfried to give you a starting point. Please work . . .

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