We have a few things we want to share:

1.  We have a new newsletter that will go out each month. It is traditional Chinese medicine geared content with our office’s events and seasonal information. You are welcome to sign up (find newsletter link at the bottom of this post, titled “Newsletter Signup”)

2. We have Happy Hour Community Chair Acupuncture every Monday
5:00-6:00pm with Naomi Brebes L.Ac. in the Arroyo Grande office!  Come
drop in, it’s fun and nice to receive acupuncture together. 

3. October 20 Women’s Wellness Expo 2019 at the Clark Center, Arroyo
Grande!  See attachment information. Jenny and Naomi will be speaking about CBD and how it is beneficial to our bodies, dosing, what to look for when buying. We have great speakers for this event!

4. We will be out of the office on Labor Day Sept.2 and Sept.3 in both

Happy Harvest!

Branches of Wellness Acupuncture (BoWAcu)
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