Prevention of Coronavirus

I am assuming you all are sick of hearing about the Coronavirus but I want to share health information that is beneficial in preventing getting sick. We can all take charge of our health by boosting our immune system and staying strong!
And here are some supplements/herbs I recommend:

Buffered Vitamin C and/or Elderberry syrup dose: 2,000mg/day
Vitamin D3/K2 dose: 5,000-10,000IU/day, can increase to 20,000-50,000 if you feel like you are getting sick (for example: 50,000 IU/day for 3 days if you feel initial onset of cold/flu and then taper down to 10,000IU)
Cod liver oil (has Vit.A and D in it)
(there are many other supplements that are great for boosting immunity like Lysine, Quercetin, CoQ10, CBD full-spectrum, etc.)
Whole food multi-vitamin

Herbs: (many wonderful herbs to kill virus/bacteria)
Gan Mao Ling yes! Take if you are around sick people, traveling, and if you have initial onset symptoms (take 4 pills 3-4x/day for 3-5 days depending on your symptoms)

Echinacea, astragalus, ginsengs to build immunity. Stop if you get sick; we would need to change herbs

Herbal Throat Spray from Standard Process or Thieves by Young Living

Oregano Oil 5 drops 2x/day

Eat whole foods
Exercise outdoors
Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water/day
And we all know about washing our hands and sneezing in our elbow!

Take charge of your health!