When, Where, What is Detox? Detoxification is simply the cellular,
mental, and spiritual processes by which the body identifies, neutralizes, and eliminates toxic substances, including toxic emotions and habits, through diet change and herb/supplement support.
Spring time is the best time to cleanse your Liver/Gallbladder/Large Intestine to clear toxins—prepare for the Fire climate of summer, clear Winter’s fats and heavy foods, let go of unneeded emotions, clear space in your body and mind for motivation, energy, and calm. Spring energy should be shooting outward with vibrancy!

A 10-28 day cleanse includes liver/kidney/intestinal herbs and supplement support with whole foods. Other recommended cleansing tactics would be: herbal teas, bodywork, acupuncture, sauna, dry brushing, baths with lavender and Epsom salts, more sleep, colon therapy, walks, yoga, meditation, qigong, tai qi, journaling, vision boards, letting go of…

Being guided by a healthcare practitioner while detoxing is recommended due to individual health needs.

When do I need to cleanse? Two times/year in Spring and Fall! If you have some of these symptoms, it’s time to cleanse: weight loss resistance, sinus congestion, recurrent colds/infections, dark circles under eyes, asthma, swellings, skin conditions, constipation, bad breath, mood disturbance: depression, anxiety, anger, fear, fatigue with sleep disruption and foggy thinking, digestive issues: bloat, gas, foul smelling stools, dark cloudy urine, heartburn, pain, migraines, gynecological issues, infertility, arthritis, etc.

Traditional Chinese Medicine views our health in relationship with nature:
Spring, the official Liver time, Wood element

Spring: New beginnings and growth, rising, expansive energy, creativity, birth, vision

Seeds need to be planted in springtime, to mature through summer and harvest in late summer and autumn, “seeds of change”

Liver imbalance patterns can manifest in body/mind/spirit–3 levels

Physical–sciatica, immune deficiencies may be liver deficiency, autoimmune/allergies may be excess liver energy, migraines, rib pain, stomach pain, dizziness, vertigo, feeling disconnected with earth, easily confused, lacking ability to create roots, arthritis—gnarled limbs like a tree, cramping, spasms, vision disturbance, weakness/stiff, nightmares of feeling trapped, stress, irregular menstrual cycles, hormone imbalances, toxic, etc. Wood element rules the nails, tendons, ligaments, spine, eyes

Mental–lack of focus/direction, cloudy thinking, indecisive, depression, overly planned/structured

Spiritual—Liver Wood provides vision and hope, possibilities for new beginnings

For example, an acupuncture point, Liver 14, is called the Gate of Hope

Emotions: when out of balance: anger or anger unexpressed, irritable,
impatient, resentment

Exercise: Circulate and strengthen Liver Qi, promote sweat to purge toxins
Aerobic activity (more Yang activity), invigorate qi Yoga and breath work (Yin activity), de-stress liver, promote parasympathetic
Yoga asana related to channels of qi flow

Our good health and prevention of disease relies upon our willingness to eat healthy whole foods, sleep, exercise, laugh, and detox bi-annually!