Branches of Wellness Acupuncture Covid-19 Update 4/24/20

How are all of you doing? Please feel free to email me back, I want to know!
Hopefully you are staying healthy. I miss seeing your wonderful faces and I know we will come together soon…
As for opening my offices, I am adhering to Governor Newsom and our San LuisObispo county public health department. I am being cautious, as we should be. Hopefully April 30 will give us some more answers.

I want to illuminate the importance of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs:
1. Boosts our immunity to prevent Covid-19
2. Treats initial early stage symptoms before virus proliferates into the
moderate/severe stages
3. Recovery from Covid-19
(Note: there are research studies currently being done on certain Chinese
herbal formulas specific to Covid-19 prevention and treatment in China,
Europe, and United States, but not enough data is here yet.)
As of now, the only treatment is Western medicine, our emergency medicine
for Covid-19 for the severe stage of this virus; we are very thankful for our
doctors and nurses. We need the oxygen, ventilators, and medicine for
severe stage but what about early to moderate stage of Covid-19? As you
know, there is research being done for the vaccine and other medications, but
we don’t have anything to help right now. This is where traditional Chinese
medicine (TCM), functional medicine (modern integrative medicine getting to
root cause), and nutrition shine light on more options to help our health.
Currently, recommended prevention of Covid-19 from the CDC, WHO, and
western medical doctors, is physical distancing, hand washing, and wearing a
mask. This is very successful so far. For mild to moderate stages of Covid-19 we are told to stay home and rest, keep in touch with your primary MD via phone or tele-health, self-quarantine, continue hand washing, and test if available. There is so much more we can do to help! TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) providers can REALLY REALLY REALLY help with prevention, mild stage, and recovery! Yeah!

Studies are showing immune boosting preventative herbal formulas taken by
hospital nurses and doctors working with Covid-19 patients, are less likely to
contract Covid-19. If initial onset symptoms such as sore throat, head cold,
cough, body aches, and diarrhea start we can stop the virus from multiplying withcertain herbal formulas and good nutritional supplements if we act immediately at the first sign of symptoms. Day 7-14 of the virus multiplies the fastest and it is crucial to stop the replication of the Covid-19 RNA at this point before it heads to your lungs to do its damage.

We have the herbs from Mother Earth that have been tested pharmacologically
and are showing major promise in immune boosting (for prevention), immune
modulation (for preventing the cytokine reaction, aka inflammation reaction),
inhibiting replication of the RNA in Covid-19 cell, inhibiting the cytokine storm to
alleviate asthmatic airway hyper-responsiveness (clearing inflammation and
fluids in lungs), anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-pyretic (lowering fever), etc.
This week I watched another webinar from Dr. John Chen who is translating
research being done in China on herbs and Covid-19. Dr. Chen is an
acupuncturist, herbalist, pharmacist, researcher in California for over 30 years,
and is well known among acupuncturists all over the world. He is also the
creator/owner of Evergreen Herbs that I prescribe at my office. He is translating
stacks of Chinese medicine research since 12/19 at the start of Covid-19, as well as western medical research. He explains the western medicine physiology of how Covid-19 attacks our body and then relates it to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). He currently is collaborating research with MDs and acupuncturists/herbalists at UCLA, UCI, and UC San Diego on the current herbal formulas researched for Covid-19. Another exciting collaboration between western doctors and acupuncturists in fighting Covid-19 is happening at Bell Gardens Isolation Unit in Los Angeles. The acupuncturists are prescribing herbs and taking temperatures for patients with Covid-19. There will be a documentary on this! We all need to work together!

Have you noticed when you are in public right now, the energy of people feels
downcast? We are not connecting with one another due to the physical
distancing, masks, and the preoccupation of Covid-19. Masks are covering our
facial communication with strangers–try smiling with your eyes and have
awareness of others smiling to you. It feels good! I’m waving to everyone when
I’m walking and they wave back, which is a good connection with humankind.
Practice gelotology (the study of laughter)!! I am prescribing laughter to you to
relieve stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and to enhance your immune
systems. The gelotology pioneer William Fry MD, a Stanford University professor has been studying laughter for health since the 1960s. He would watch Laurel and Hardy movies and draw blood samples from himself. So go for it on the funny movies, talk with friends and family and laugh together! Research finds that laughter heals in the following ways:
1. Laughter causes you to bring in more air into your lungs, which invigorates
circulation like moderate exercise, relaxes muscles, and increases positive
endorphins such as dopamine.
2. Soothes anxiety and stress, we all know this!
3. Boosts Immunity: laughter triggers neuropeptides from the brain to be
released, which calm stress, inflammation, and releases natural killer cells
to fight virus, infection, cancer and other illnesses. Studies also show daily
laughter balances blood sugar.
4. Laughter supports cognitive function by enhancing positive mood,
decreasing depression tendencies.
Even though I am not able to see you in my office right now, please call me if youwant to take action and learn more about what you can do to prevent Covid-19. PLEASE call me if you are starting any symptoms so I can evaluate the right herb choice and supplements to support your immunity. In the next year, it is possible that all of us will have the virus, either asymptomatic or symptomatic. Let’s be prepared! I’m here for you~

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Recommended herbs/supplements to boost and
modulate your immune system:

Buffered Vitamin C 1,000mg 2-3x/day
Vitamin D3/K2 5,000-10,000 IU/day, can increase to 20,000-50,000 if you feel
like you are getting sick (for example: 50,000 IU/day for 3 days if you feel initial
onset of cold/flu and then taper down to 10,000IU)

Cod liver oil (naturally occurring Vitamin A and D) or Fish Oil (2000 mg/day)
(other supplements that are great for boosting immunity: Lysine, Quercetin,
Glutathione, CoQ10: 200-300mg/day, CBD full-spectrum)
N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) precursor to Glutathione antioxidant, clears
Immuplex: Immune boosting glandular whole food multi-vitamin
Cellular Vitality: vegetarian food based multi-vitamin
Magnesium: calm stress, help sleep, relax muscles, boosts immunity
Probiotic builds your immune system through the gut
Preventative: Mushroom blends, Cordyceps, Echinacea, Astragalus
(antiviral), ginsengs to regulate immunity. Stop if you get sick; we would need
to change herbs to Lonicera, Andrographis, Honeysuckles, and other clear
toxin/virus herbs
Jade Windscreen Chinese herbal formula for boosting immunity to prevent
Herbal Throat Spray from Standard Process or Thieves by Young Living
(coronavirus attaches itself to throat nasal/throat tissue and can stay up to 2 days
before creeping down into the lungs. This is why netti pot daily is excellent and
an herbal throat spray can kill virus on contact)

Treatment if you have symptoms: Herbs: (many wonderful
herbs to kill virus/bacteria) NOTE: Jenny needs to talk with you before
prescribing herbal medicine to give the correct formula
Gan Mao Ling or Yin Qiao yes! Take if you are around sick people, traveling,
and if you have initial onset symptoms (take 4 pills 3-4x/day for 3-5 days
depending on your symptoms)
Andrographis Complex (aka Chuan Xin Lian): kills viral toxin
Viracid from Orthomolecular, antiviral blend
Oregano Oil 5 drops 6x/day (anti-viral)
Olive Leaf Extract (anti-infection) increase dose to 4x/day

Eat whole foods
Exercise outdoors, get sunshine (Vitamin D)
Listen to music
Meditation, slow breathing, Qigong, Yoga, Tai Qi
Make your own bone broth (website has recipe/info) and drink/make soup
Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces of water/day
Dry brushing your skin to cleanse

Netti Pot daily with saline
And we all know about washing our hands and sneezing in our elbow!
Take charge of your health and keep strong!
Please take a time out from your devices and the news for one day/week.
Refresh yourself!
We miss you dearly!
And if you no longer want to receive any emails from us, please write back and
let us know~