Fertility: Food, Herb, Supplement Concepts in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Jing Foods:   (for sperm/egg quality)

Royal Jelly, bee pollen

Chicken/duck eggs, fish eggs(roe, caviar)


Oysters (boosts zinc for sperm)

Seaweeds/algae (good for thyroid too)

Artichokes, nettles, oats, raw organic milk

Yin Foods: (cooling, nourishes fluids/blood)



String beans, asparagus, seaweeds, dark leafies, cucumbers, water chestnuts, asparagus, celery, romaine, squash, apples, pears

Dark berries, Duck/pork, black sesames, goji berries

Yang Foods: (warming, strengthens libido) Spleen/Kidney

Cooked foods

ginger, shallots, cinnamon, cayenne, chili

Garlic, onion, chicken, lamb, trout, salmon, lobster, shrimp, prawn, mussels, 

Black/kidney/adzuki beans, walnuts, chestnuts, raspberries, quinoa

Avoid ice cold drinks/raw foods/ice cream

Qi food: Spleen everyday energy/digestion strength

drink warm water with lemon

take time  to eat

bitter foods (arugula, kale), sweet (root veggies, grains), spicy (onions, garlic, coriander, chives, chili), sip green tea

Blood foods:  

Red fruit/veggies

Poultry, Stock soups (bone marrow nutrient)

Egg yolk, legumes, grains, dark leafies, beets, berries, peppers

No alcohol/coffee—cause heat in the blood, toxic liver, which affects quality of eggs, sperm, endometrium

During menses, avoid sour, astringent foods (vinegar, pickles, grapefruit, yogurt)

Eat Chick peas, adzuki beans, brown rice, millet, barley, quinoa

PhlegmDamp foods:  Damages Digestion/Feeds PCOS/Endometriosis/Fibroids

Avoid:  empty carbs, alcohol, sugar, dairy, pasta, pizza, fried foods, less gluten

Herbs/Whole Food Supplements for Fertility 

Acu/Herbs/nutrition are very helpful in balancing hormones, regulating your menstrual cycle, promote ovulation, and balance of your body

Eat Blue-green algae/spirilina/wheatgrass (NanoGreens), bee pollen/royal jelly (green food/cruciferous to boost sperm and egg quality

Omega 3 fatty acids (key to ovulation!):  Fish oil 2000 mg/day, seeds—pumpkin, hemp, sesame, (good quality: Nordic Naturals, Metagenics,  Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil, Carlson’s Cod Liver Oil) 

Folic Acid/B vitamin, prenatal

CoQ10 at 600mg/day

Eat organic, eat alkaline foods rather than acidic foods to clear inflammation, hormone-free meats, eliminate caffeine, alcohol, sugar (green and white tea ok)

Doing a cleansing program for 3-4 weeks can give you a boost in clearing inflammation/toxins, lose 8-10 pounds if needed, jumpstart healthy eating

Avoid junk food, eat clean/whole foods, in season, lower stress

Exercise, yoga, walks, bike, enjoy this time!  Allow yourself sleep too!

Moderation:  if you are following this about 80% of the time, you are on the track to health and balance☺

Recommended books:

  1. making babies by Sami S. David, MD and Jill Blakeway, Lac
  2. The Infertility Cure by Randine Lewis, PhD