We are having a Spring Wellness Sale through Fullscript May 14-15!  Save 15% on supplements, herbs, and wellness products!

This promotion is good through our online Fullscript store.  Make sure you are signed up with the Branches of Wellness Fullscript online dispensary via the link:  https://us.fullscript.com/welcome/bowacu/store-start

You can use the link listed above or it is on our “Contact” page: https://branchesofwellnessacupuncture.com/contact/

to create a login if you haven’t already.  This will give you access to our online shop where you can purchase many of the supplements we have in the office at 15% off during this two day sale (May 14-15) Happy, healthy Spring!

*Note: Apex Energetics and Orthomolecular products will need Jenny’s approval to order.  Click on, for example, Adaptocrine and it will send Jenny an email to “Ok” this herbal product for you. Other than these two companies, everything is open for you to order.

This is a convenient way to keep yourself on your wellness path!