Happy Wood Dragon Year + Announcements!

Happy Wood Dragon Year of 2024! 

Like the mythical Dragon itself, 2024 will be a lively and powerful year of growth, success and prosperity for all! Enjoy the happiness and abundance that this year brings.

I have a few announcements and then feel free to read more about the Wood Dragon and a scientific article about how acupuncture supports the immune system and is anti-inflammatory~

Branches of Wellness Acupuncture (BOW Acupuncture) would like to introduce two new practitioners in our office!

*Diane Esteves practitioner of Thermography: 
Diane Esteves, CTT, NTP, RN
Thermography 4 Life, LLC
In office every 3rd Friday of the month. Please reach out for an appt.

Diane has a background in nursing and also holds certifications for Nutritional Therapy and Certified Thermography Technician.  At Thermography 4 Life, her focus is on breast health. Thermography is an effective tool to assess inflammation and circulation status which are proven precursors of all disease processes. Along with your screening/report from a radiologist, you will also be provided with Diane’s breast health tips to help reduce and sometimes even reverse inflammation. She also offers 1:1 nutritional coaching for those requesting more assistance on their health journey.

*Christina Dorn Massage Therapist: 
Christina Dorn Massage Therapy
In office on Monday, Wednesday mornings, Friday, Saturday

Christina trained at the National Holistic Institute of Massage Therapy in Los Angeles, blending her athletic background with holistic yoga principles learned in Costa Rica.  With 15 years of experience, she skillfully incorporates yoga and massage into her treatments, earning praise for her precise approach. Her specialized skills are Therapeutic massage, Sports massage, CBD massage and Cupping. Her commitment to serving the community on the Central Coast is unwavering, driven by a deep sense of fulfillment derived from making a positive impact through her work.

Acupuncture rate increase starting 3/1/24:

Starting 3/1/24, I will raise my rate $5 for follow up appointments which will be $90.  For those patients who we bill insurance, the rate will be $90 until you meet your deductible. Then you will pay your same copay.  THANKS


Splitting wood and spitting fire — the Chinese New Year begins on Feb. 10, 2024, ushering us into the Year of the Wood Dragon.

While the archetype of the dragon, the only mythical creature on the zodiac calendar, applies directly to those born in 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, and 2024, the energy of the wood dragon will lend itself to the collective in the coming year.

For over 3,000 years, the Chinese Zodiac calendar has been used to predict the future of health and prosperity.

The Wood element will have a powerful influence on ALL zodiac signs. Wood is the element of Yang. It is the energy of Spring, of reaching toward the light while deepening roots into the soil.

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang are the oppositional, interdependent energies that make up the entirety of the universe.

Yin energy is lunar, feminine, and passive

Yang energy is solar, masculine, and active

The Wood element is associated with the liver and gallbladder and relates to having the vision, planning and execution. A sign of vitality and vibrance, Wood is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi (circulating life force) and blood within the body. When emotions are out of balance, Qi does not flow and there is stagnation. If left untreated the results are irritability, anger, poor decision-making, and no follow-through.

Dragons are Yang in nature; enigmatic, intelligent, spiritual and wise. Dragons are curious, independent thinkers and love to gather knowledge; the symbol of the Dragon holds the Pearl of Wisdom. They have intense focus; setting goals they will dive deep into a subject gaining expertise and mastery. Above all, Dragons value intelligence, wisdom, and loyalty. Dragons don’t tolerate stupidity and can be unforgiving if cheated. Never try to manipulate or trick a Dragon!

Pay attention to balancing the Yang energy of the Dragon with the Yin energy of the Earth, so you can grow and expand to greater heights in your career, personal life, and health. Deep roots support growth and expansion!

Article on how Acupuncture helps the immune system and inflammation:


Wishing you a joyous and prosperous Year of the Wood Dragon! May this new life cycle bring abundance, good health, and success to you and your loved ones!

Peace to you,

Jenny Frost