Celebrate Spring: Coming into Being with Jenny Dull L.Ac., Naomi Brebes L.Ac., & Kelly Metcalf

Date:  Sunday, March 25 2018 5:00 – 7:30 PM Jenny Dull L.Ac., Naomi Brebes L.Ac. and Kelly Metcalf at Harmony House Yoga present: Spring with Traditional Chinese Medicine and Yin Yoga Life, and our vitality, bursts forth in the springtime. This season calls your innate creativity to awaken and make itself known, just as a . . .

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Nurturing the Divine Self: Yin Yoga and Wellness Retreat for Women with Kelly Metcalf

Past Event but soooooooo good! Join us next time! DATES: Nov 17, 2016 – Nov 20, 2016 LOCATION: Ojai, California Re-center your mind, care for your body, and ignite your spirit during the Journey Inward By dedicating our time to consciously nurture the Self, we are openly receiving the love and acceptance we so easily . . .

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