The Health Benefits of Stinging Nettle & Pesto Recipe

A brief introduction to stinging nettle and its health benefits: Stinging nettle is an evergreen herbaceous shrub that has a long medicinal history and is considered a classic “nutritive” herb.  The leaves and stems of stinging nettle possess anti-inflammatory actions that have most commonly been used to treat painful muscles and joints, eczema, arthritis, gout, . . .

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Ginseng Photo_Free

What Ginseng Is Right For Me?

We see the general herb name, “ginseng,” in grocery store teas, natural food stores, and even in gas stations. After studying Chinese herbal medicine, I recommend asking an herbalist before partaking in any ginseng. Ginseng comes from different regions of China, Korea, Canada, France, and United States, to name a few, and it is cultivated . . .

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