Welcome to Autumn

Autumn is an important change of season from Summer’s Fire extroverted energy, to Harvest’s nourishing energy, to Fall–a time to take care of oneself at last! Sunlit days become shorter, and the climate colder and dry. We may be less active; our mood can swing inward toward grief and/or “stopped up” emotions; and cold/flu season . . .

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Life Can Be Stressful and Painful

Life Can Be Stressful and Painful Jenny Dull-Frost L.Ac. Dipl. OM 113 North Mason St., Arroyo Grande, CA 8935 Morro Rd., Suite 1, Atascadero, CA 93422 805-481-1035, branchesofwellnessacupuncture.com High amounts of stress can exacerbate existing pain, and pain causes a great stress on our body. Secondary symptoms can start developing such as insomnia, depression, fatigue, . . .

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Great Reopening Week at BOWAcupuncture!

We had a great reopening week at BOWAcupuncture! It is wonderful to see my patients again and give acupuncture and work on our health. Covid-19 has taught me what I can live without and what I need in life and the big factor is human connection. We all are essential for each other! Keep positive, . . .

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